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April 25, 2020


Bong Gio display is inspired by the popular Bong Gio brick pattern in Saigon in French of occupation times.  This type of tiles is applied to many of Vietnam’s architecture such as walls, floors, and fences with symmetrical and classical patterns. 
With the desire to be able to re-create and re-present the old culture of Saigon, Bong Gio typeface delivers a classic and traditional style.
Thanks for viewing this project.
You can download this typeface after pressing blue button as an appreciation for me.
Bong Gio Typeface is FREE for personal & commercial use

Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

  • Strategy

    Typography, Typeface, Traditional Design

  • Design

    Typeface, Art Direction, vupham

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